Writing Rooms

Bring your laptop, connect and start writing

Writing Room set in a room at the Villa,

  • Connect your laptop with projects to our DAW
  • A Writing Room offers a writing set with DAW, monitoring and outboardgear
  • Use our instruments and backline
  • Book the on site soundstudio when you like to record (optional)

Write music in the Music Lounge using a special extended set up

Writing Room set 

  • Grand Piano, masterkeyboard, synthesizers, Solina organ
  • Small backline with PA, mixingdesk (line outs to control room)

Extra studio desk with ergonomic working positions and outboard gear

  • 27″display, nearfield monitoring Genelec 8010
  • 8 inputs audio interface (DAW), microphones SM58/U87/AKG C414
  • Any choice out of our Inspiration Package List

Hook up with your laptop to our DAW system and go!

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