This spacious, luxurious Villa, which accomodates up to 6 guests, is located in the beautiful, rural environment of the Algarve Region, South-Portugal. Want to write, play and record music? No problem! Nearby, The Music Studio offers music playing, -production and -recording facilities.

  • Bonus feature: after a day of hard work, relax and recharge together by the adjacent pool.

Music Lounge

A standout feature of the Villa is its spacious Music Lounge, a Music Writing Space which can be booked with extra’s as a  Writing Room. It offers magnificent views of the Southern Portuguese landscapes. Gather around the baby grand piano, simply plug in. Use the backline and have a spontaneous jam session (included in Inspiration Package).

  • Because of the space available, the Lounge Live Room is the perfect place for your instruments and gear.

Housing for 6 people

In the villa with wifi there are two living rooms, one of which is the Music Lounge. There are 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Both living rooms and 4 bedrooms are equipped with airconditioning. The rooms are tastefully decorated in traditional Portuguese style with wooden furniture. In the two well-equipped kitchens you can cook extensively. There is a dishwasher and a washingmachine. At the swimming pool you can enjoy the Mediterranean sun!

Want to bring more than 6 guests? Need room for your family and friends?

  • Besides the Villa, we offer room for up to 6 more guests in 2 charming holiday houses. Each house offers great acoustics to rehearse.
  • Additional instruments are available upon request.

Want to relax and enjoy some Southern Portuguese sunlight after a day of rehearsal? The pools and terraces both have sunlight until late in the day or evening! Music Writing Place offers scalability for a maximum of about 12 guests.

Great music starts in smashing places

  • Are you a musician, singer, songwriter/producer?
  • Do you struggle to find an inspiring location to write and record your music?
  • Do you own a music publishing company and need a great spot to team up with your writers?
  • Are you looking for a hideaway to prepare for your next album?

Then Music Writing Place is the place for you!

Let the inspiring, natural, relaxed vibe of Southern Portugal feed your creativity.

Choose the package that suits your budget

Want to bring fellow band members, musicians, artists, family and friends? No problem, Music Writing Place offers accomodations with 11 bedrooms for a total of ca. 12 guests.

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