Onsite Help from Audio Technician

Musical or technical wishes?

Our experienced on site audio technician is available upon request to help you with any issues you might have. We understand that, in the midsts of a creative process, you do not want to be disturbed by technical issues.

If you need any musical assitance, please ask for one of our producers prior to booking.

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Work with the onsite audio technician to fulfill your musical and technical wishes.

For larger groups (more than 8 guests) we offer extra holiday houses:

Both houses are located only 200 meters apart. This way Music Writing Place can accomodate up to 20 guests. So feel free to bring family and friends or your entire crew!

Want to record your new album or demo?

Bring your own engineer and let our audio technician assist or have our technician do the entire recording.

Are you in need of a producer? Contact us about our producing capabilities.

Want to record your music?

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