Don't feel like cooking?

We offer a wide range of catering services. The Premium package includes all catering services. It even includes a butler who will provide you with everything, so you can spend all of your time creating and recording music. But you are free to prepare your meals yourself in one of our two well-equipped kitchens. Check out the list below for catering services that you might want to add.

Welcome meal

Following the Meet & Greet, you can order a welcome meal for your group (included in Premium Package)

Filled Fridge upon arrival

Our catering partner will provide for the groceries you want, in order for the fridge to be filled upon your arrival. To make sure that a first day breakfast is available. The fridge will be filled for the amount of money that is agreed upon in advance. The receipt will be presented to you afterwards, and you can pay back the money spent.

Food shopping

Our catering partner can help you with your food shopping during your stay.

When our catering partner goes out shopping for food, a fixed amount for the entire group will be charged. The remainder of the bill needs to be paid upon presentation of the eventual receipts.*

*Catering services can be selected and requested in step 3 of the booking process

Optional butlerservice

Enjoy the butler service! Someone will be around always to pour in your drinks and cater to your needs!


*All catering services can be added in step 3 of the Booking process.

Dinner service

This service provides a healthy and tasty dinner for your group.
Our catering partner will prepare everything, you just have to gather, eat and enjoy

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