About Music Writing Place

To escape the rush of Northern European everyday life, the idea of a ‘music composing and producing spot’ in an inspiring, exotic environment arose.

As a artist, musician, songwriter or producer, you can’t help getting inspired by the relaxed, outdoor way of life in this South-European holiday region: the Algarve. Over the years songwriters, bands, artists and producers came and went and our team developed the place into the unique music writing, playing and recording place it is today:

  • an inspiring hideaway where you can play, create and record professional with high-end gear and in a relaxed way – staying in that ‘holiday state of mind’.

Bands and songwriters

  • Are you a musician, singer, songwriter/producer?
  • Are you looking for a hide-away to prepare for your next album?
  • Do you need to find an inspiring location to write music?

Then Music Writing Place is the place for you!

The Music Studio

Want to record your music in the Music Studio? No problem! It’s located on the site and our onsite assistance audio technician is available as a back up in the studio for your engineer. Inform for dayprices for a daily recording engineer.


Music Packages

Book one of the available packages and book addons that suit your budget.

The Algarve, South-Portugal

Let the inspiring natural relaxed vibe of South-Portugal feed your creativity.

This beautiful, private, not isolated, location offers you the opportunity to team up with your fellow musicians to fullfill your one and only goal: writing and producing your best music yet!


Stay at the Villa with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

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