Terms & Conditions

Music Writing Place

Thank you for choosing Music Writing Place.
This Dutch initiated company will be handling your music solutions assisting with its team.
We are there to make your stay as succesfull as possible.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bookings need to be confirmed 35 days prior to start actual bookingperiod by paying 50% of invoice amount. Last minute is an option, not all services might be available.
  • A second payment needs to be done before arriving day conform notified dates in booking confirmation/invoice.
  • By paying you accept the Housing and The Recording Studio Conditions which you can read below.
  • A deposit for Housing and Recording Studio is required (see booking confirmation/invoice).¬†Deposit will be refunded after passing inspection on check out day.
  • Additional deposits can be required for instruments out of the Instrument Specials and Rentals list.
  • Optional services (catering or transport) to be booked during your stay need to be paid prior to the day of check out.

Housing and Recording Studio Conditions:

  • to respect to the environment and houses.
  • to respect the instruments, gear and recording studio.
  • the amount of people in the houses is limited by the amount of people that is agreed upon and paid for.
  • a last minute booking for extra people (as far as it does not exceed the maximum amount of people per house) is possible and needs to be paid in advance.
  • a 5 people maximum is allowed in the recording studio, unless agreed different with the audio technician on site.
  • to take notice and to ¬†follow the safety and authority instructions signalled on the walls in the houses.
  • to authorise the studio manager or audio technician to determine rules in the recording studio and to decline acces to people in the recording studio.
  • to respect authority of our onsite security.
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