Music studio for rent

Looking for an inspiring music studio in Portugal?

Then look no further. Music Writing Place is the music studio in Portugal you’re looking for. It’s a unique opportunity for songwriters, musicians, and bands to find their potential.

With luxury accommodation, comprehensive onsite recording equipment and plenty of space to relax and unwind, there’s no better place to start or perhaps finish that album.

Music studio rooms for rent

To produce a best-selling album, or even song, you need access to quality equipment. Our music studio space for rent has been completed with the highest industry level facilities and benefits from an onsite technician and plenty of instruments at your disposal. You even have the opportunity to hire a range of additional instruments should you need to. The best place to create music Algarve has and possibly the most unique place to make music Portugal offers, we welcome musicians of all types to come and start their musical journey, within these beautiful surroundings and exclusive setting. Even if you’re simply looking for a music studio to rent without accommodation please get in touch.

Recording studio for rent with space to write

Whether you have writers’ block or simply want to write music in peace and quiet, our setting is absolutely ideal. With plenty of space to relax, including an outdoor pool and sun terrace with stunning views, as well as numerous local walks to empty your head, there’s no better location to find those notes or lyrics. This ambient Algarve setting arguably makes for one of the most idyllic recording studios Europe has to offer.

Accommodation and socializing

Music Writing Place offers two main houses which have everything you need for your stay. Each house has multiple housing capabilities, accomodating a maximum of 25 people. Whilst Music Writing Place is ideal for those seeking seclusion, it’s also the perfect place to socialize after a busy day of writing or recording. The extra accommodation may be used for friends, family or indeed band members or crew members. Previous gusts claim it’s one of the best places to produce collaborative music Europe offers.

music studio space for rent

Additional Features and Services

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible, leaving you plenty of time to concentrate on producing your best music. That’s why Music Writing Place offers additional catering and transportation services.

Get inspired by local surroundings

Music Writing Place is a secluded spot, guests can find  inspiration around the corner. Take a walk to a nearby Algarve town, where a wide selection of restaurants, shops and leisure facilities can be enjoyed. Music Writing Place is also conveniently located close to the airport, with available airport transfers.

Music Writing Place is the ideal location for a productive musical retreat and has been designed with the discerning musician or songwriter in mind. Get in touch with us today to choose from our Inspirational, Rockstar and Allin Premium packages. Add extras such as catering or transport as you go! Music Writing Place has a studio Europe package built for your needs.

music studio for rent

Choose the package that suits your budget

Want to bring fellow band members, musicians, artists, family and friends?
No problem, Music Writing Place offers accomodations with 12 bedrooms for a total of 20 guests.

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