Inspiration Package - Music Writing Place Inspiration Package - Music Writing Place

Inspiration Package

€ 369,00/night

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Inspiration Package

  • You stay at the luxurious and spacious Villa with 8 guests to get inspired and to create!
  • Use the Lounge Live Room setup in the Villa to start making music right after arrival, our onsite audio technician is available for assistance.
  • Use any instrument out of the Inspiration Package.
  • Want to record your music? Just give us a sign! For one day per week, the Recording Studio is included!
  • For groups with less than 5 guests, inform for possibilities.

Inspiration Package

Stay at the Villa (up to 8 guests more info)
✓ Daily use of Instruments in the Live Lounge Room 
✓ One day Recording Studio included

✓ Scalability (up to 20 guests more info)
✓ Add extra services while
booking a Music Package

About the workflow

The workflow while using the Lounge Live Room setup will make life easy when creating music.

A 16 channel live mixer with instruments and small PA system is set up in the Lounge Live Room of The Villa. This basic set offers the possibility to hook up with your laptop, to have you all play live at the same time in a spacious living room. All the while, daylight accompanies you via the big windows and easy access to the outdoor teracces and Recording Studio offers possibilities.

  • Standard we offer vocal positions,  bass, guitar and keyboard positions and extra microphones and rhythm instruments around the baby grand piano.
  • At any time during your stay you can select instruments out of the Inspiration Package list and have them customized to your set up.
  • It is also possible to set up instruments and amplifiers in several rooms.

The Lounge Live Room Setup is connected with the Recording Studio. Make use of the Recording Studio when you want to record your ideas and rehearsals.

Different workflows are possible:

  • You can stay and work in the Lounge Live Room so you maintain that loose holiday workflow, while at the same time other bandmembers dive into the Recording Studio and start adding instruments as live drums, bass or screaming guitar amplifiers.
  • If you like to work as a single artist or producers duo, you work with a loop and bring your basic ideas into the computer at the control room and keep walking from instrument to instrument in the Lounge Live Room, adding ideas. This way of trying and directly recording ideas on a tempo loop with basic ideas creates lots of possibilties.

Book extra recordingstudio time. (amount per day)

€ 300,00 / Extra addon

Book your Airport transfer (limoservice) retour. (amount per person)

€ 34,50 / Extra addon

Book our cold buffet on arrival. (amount per person)

€ 20,00 / Extra addon

Add a filled fridge on arrival to your booking! (amount per person)

€ 42,50 / Extra addon

Add a butler to your stay! (amount per day)

€ 100,00 / Extra addon