The Cottage and the Bungalow

Want to stay at Music Writing Place with multiple guests?

We know that bands and artists can have a big entourage. Musicians, crew members, friends, family and fans.

Just finished your tour in Europe? Want to take a break? Why not visit Music Writing Place? The ideal location which offers relaxation, but still has the posibility to host a writing or recording session, when inspiration strikes.

Enjoy the Cottage & the Bungalow

Want to bring more than 6 guests? Need room for your family and friends?

  • Besides the Villa, we offer room for up to 8 more people in 2 charming holiday houses. Each house offers great acoustics to rehearse.
  • Additional instruments are available upon request.

Want to enjoy some Southern Portuguese sunlight after a day of rehearsal? The pool and terraces both have sunlight until late in the evening!

Both holiday houses are located within 200 meters of the Villa and the Music Studio.

  • The traditional Cottage is charming simple and inspiring with it’s wood burner, 2 bedrooms and adjacent to the pool and terraces.
  • The Bungalow is comfortable with a big luxury kitchen and lounge, a fireplace, 3 bedrooms, a sleeping loft and 2 bathrooms.

Enjoy the outside South Portugese way of life, gather with the Villa group and meet for a afternoon drink on the teracces in the sun or at the pool!

Great music starts in smashing places

  • Are you a musician, singer, songwriter/producer?
  • Do you struggle to find an inspiring location to write and record your music?
  • Are you looking for a hideaway to prepare for your next album?

Then Music Writing Place is the place for you!

Let the inspiring natural relaxed vibe of South-Portugal feed your creativity.

Choose a music package that suits your budget

Want to bring fellow musicians, artists, family and friends?
No problem! Music Writing Place offers accomodations with 12 bedrooms for about 15 guests.