Lounge live Room

Writing and rehearsing in the Villa


The Lounge live Room with its music setup is a perfect place to start writing, rehearsing and recording. The monitors, with live mixer, allow you to play as a group using several instruments and a grand piano. There are many other instruments available. You can switch between instruments of the Inspiration Package list or simply add some instruments from our Instrument Specials and Rentals list.

What are the pros of the Lounge live Room? For rehearsing the pros are: you can pick up the instruments immediately after you’ve arrived and start playing! During your stay the ambience of the Lounge room gives you the oppurtunity to play anytime you feel like it, maintaining your musical flow. It’s not only about rehearsing, because the set up with PA even enables you to perform a small inhouse gig. The Lounge live Room is all set to plug in and play.

Other pros of the Lounge Live room come with the fact that you can write and record here. The room is connected to the recording studio and many configurations are available. In a solo writing session you can move from instrument to instrument and try out or record different sounds with new musical ideas. Our audio technician will help you out. You can also record ‘demo’s’ and musical ideas with the whole band.

The large room is inspiring with its nice wide views of the surroundings and the possibility to walk out onto the terrace, have a swim in the adjacent pool or simply walk into the hills, at any time.

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Our onsite assistance audio technician is available upon request to fulfil all of your musical- and technical requirements. Bring your engineer for the daily recording or inform for dayprices for a engineer.

For larger groups (more than 8 guests) we offer extra holiday houses:

Both are located only 200 meters apart. This way, Music Writing Place can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Private, not isolated hideaway

Music Writing Place is located 35 minutes by car from Faro International Airport. At the end of your drive, you will follow a dirt track leading up to the enchanting environment of Music Writing Place.

  • After entering the site you will encounter that this is the place where you can have it all without being disturbed.
  • All the while, the nearest small village with trendy or traditional restaurants and terraces is only 10 minutes away by car.